UU Christian Fellowship Groups spring up in a variety of ways.


  • The need is felt after a particularly meaningful sermon or worship service that referenced Scripture, the life of Jesus or Biblical history.
  • People who are interested in liberal Christianity find they have common interests and want to go deeper into Bible study or Christian scholarship.
  • People need familiar rituals to enact or hymns to sing.
  • People find they need to start a Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship Group. But how? What model?

There are many Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship Groups all over the continental United States and in Canada. They are all unique, but share a common goal: to provide support for its members and engagement with some form of Christianity--whether through Bible study, book discussion or devotional worship.  

Groups can start in a variety of ways:

  • A group of two or three who meet for Wednesday morning Bible study.
  • A series of potluck suppers with guest speakers, possibly local ministers or someone from the UUCF headquarters.
  • A monthly theological discussion group, initially sharing individual feelings about Christianity and their own experiences, and then discussing some of the books or articles on the UUCF’s recommended reading list or articles in the UU Christian. Possibly a communion service at the close of each meeting.

The structure and the name of the group may vary. The numbers may be small. Some of the people who come may proudly call themselves “Christians” and some may not be sure of the label. But, however organized, there can be ways of exploring Christian faith and providing spiritual nourishment in Unitarian Universalist churches and fellowships.