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Read or listen to the latest sermons on a wide variety of themes that come out of UU Christian perspectives. Engage in commentary on both the latest issues of life and culture and spirituality, as well as sermons on holy times and days and religious issues and concepts.

These sermons have been collected from a variety of sources; Unitarian Universalist ministers and laity alike who have spoken about UU Christianity, or on Christian-related themes.  It is by no means an exhaustive list, and we are always looking for sermons to publish.  If you have spoken on UU Christianity or UU Christian related themes, send your sermon to Rev. Jake Morrill.  We hope you enjoy the diversity of resources here.


Adams, James Luther

Arnason, Wayne

Belote, Thom

Blaine, Gary

Blair Wesley, Alice

Caggiano, Mark J.T. - a special series of sermons entitled "The Seven Virtues." 

  • Faith - January 3rd, 2010 
  • Courage - January 10th, 2010
  • Temperance - January 17th, 2010
  • Justice - January 14th, 2010
  • Love - January 31st, 2010
  • Prudence - February 7th, 2010
  • Hope - February 14th, 2010

Ellis, Elizabeth K. 

  • The Jesus Story - A Parable of Being

Ellis, Kathleen

Green, Louise

  • Coming Out As A Christian

Horton-Ludwig, Laura

  • Veiled Goddess:  Stories of Survival and Syncretism

Huff, Peter

  • A Gentile Recommends the Book of Mormon

Jones, Roger

  • Christmas Eve 2011 — Rev. Roger Jones, Sacramento, CA
  • Spiritual But Not Religious (.pdf) — Rev. Roger Jones, Sacramento, CA
  • Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols — Rev. Roger Jones, Sacramento, CA
  • This is the Way the World Ends — Rev. Roger Jones, Sacramento, CA
  • Saying Grace — Rev. Roger Jones, Sacramento, CA
  • What is God's Justice — Rev. Roger Jones, Sacramento, CA

Mikelson, Thomas

  • Jesus and the Unitarian Universalists

Robinson, Edmund

  • Reclaiming Jesus

Robinson, Ron

Scovel, Carl

  • Beyond Spirituality

Tierney-Eliot, Adam

  • You are the Clay
  • The Things That Make for Peace - Palm Sunday 2007
  • Demonstrations of Doubt

Weinstein, Victoria

  • Jesus Was A Humanist
  • The Other Martha
  • Elegy for Teri Schiavo
  • It Matters To This One



You can load the podcast below into your podcast directory by right clicking and saving the file. If you have high speed access you can click on the link below and it will play using your defult MP3 player. 

  • 311 At The Welcome Table - Rev. Ron Robinson at the Phillips Theological Seminary, September 29, 2010. Podcast (25.2M, MP3)
  • The Secret Message of Jesus - Rev. Ron Robinson, All Souls Church, Shreveport, LA
    November, 2007. Voice only. (7.1M, MP3)
  • Rev Kathleen Rolenze (Minister from West Shore Unitiarian Universalist Church) speaking at All Souls on September 28, 2008: Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.