Revivals 2016:

"The Healing Spirit in a Wounded World"

October 14-15

Organized & Hosted by: Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship, The Welcome Table, First UU Church of San Diego, and First Church in Chestnut Hill


When people describe their experience of Christian identity and practice within Unitarian Universalism in the last twenty years, they have often told a story about a Revival.  And it often sounds like the story of homecoming.  Of having found "my people."  This Fall, you are invited to come home.  To attend a Revival.  To connect with your people.  The Healing Spirit in a Wounded World is a time for you to gather with others, to go deep, to feel held.  

Each revival will include: a keynote presentation, daily service projects, workshops, dynamic worship services, communion, prayer, healing and baptism.

And, what's more, you can choose between three locations:

Boston, MA
San Diego, CA
Turley, OK