UU Christian Journal

Since our beginning in 1945, our Journal has been the premier theological journal within Unitarian Universalism. Thoughtful essays, prize-winning scholarship, reviews, the best of sermons, and more can be found in the UU Christian Journal. Previous journals have included the writings of Carl Scovel, David Parke, James Luther Adams, as well as special issues on communion services and sermons, on ways that others see Unitarian Universalism, and meditation manuals.

Back issues of the Journal or extra copies of the current Journal are available by contacting the Executive Director, Rev. Jake Morrill, for more information. 


Below are Journal titles of some of our most popular publications and the prices associated with purchasing them. If you would like to order anything below, please contact us at admin@uuchristian.org for availability and payment instructions.

The UU Christian Journal, Vol 62, 2007-2010

  • $20 Single Copy Price, Become a member of the UUCF and receive the Journal for free.
  • Click here for excerpts from Volume 62. To order, join UUCF or order a copy in the bookstore.
  • Hear, Pray, Affirm - Three Essentials for Liberal Christian Formation.
  • The Decalogue, The Lord's Prayer and The Apostles' Creed.
  • Sermons by Thomas D. Wintle.
  • For the Table of Contents, Foreword, Introduction and Thank You click here (.pdf). 


The UU Christian Reader, double issue anthology, Vol. 51 & 52, 1996-1997

  • $25. 
  • A must-have book. 400 pages. Essays in the following sections: Our Faith, God and Theology, Unitarian Universalism, Bible, Church, and the UUCF.


“Hymns of the Spirit” with Services, 1937

  • $50 a piece.
  • Beacon Press hymnal created by collaboration between Unitarians and Universalist hymnal commissions; the Services of Religion along with the 1937 Hymnal, published by Beacon Press in 1948; and the 1937 Hymnal and Services of Religion printed by Beacon in 1951. Not only own a piece of history, but also a still wonderful source of Christian spiritual nurture and practice, as you may pray the psalms, engage the responsive readings, and sing the hymns.
  • Indicate which of the 1937 red hymnals you wish.


“Universalism Then and Now,” Vol. 60, 2005

  • $10.
  • Our current best-seller. It contains essays on Universalism by Rev. Mark Harris with responses from Rev. Carl Scovel, William W. Park, and Rev. Joe Bassett, as well as new essays on Universalism by scholars Peter Hughes and Ernest Cassara and the Rev. Duke Gray, and a reflection about a Universalist seminary by Alan Seaburg.


Three Sets of Multiple Books from UUCF for only $20 a set.

Set One (Devotional/History Special) 
Includes seven books: “Prayers For Today” (contributions include from A. Powell Davies to John Haynes Holmes to Native American Prayers to May Sarton, Tagore, Howard Thurman, Walt Whitman, Theodore Parker, Martineau, Longfellow, Psalms, and more); Henry Ware Jr.’s “On the Formation of the Christian Character”; “Religious Education” (including Priestly’s Christianity and Ecumenism by James Luther Adams too); “The New England Way and Vatican II” by Rev. Joseph A. Bassett; “Frederic Henry Hedge: Unitarian Theologian of the Broad Church” (including seminal essays by G. H. Williams, Charles Grady, and Hedge); “The Thought of God: Meditations’ by Rev. Palfrey Perkins and “Christian Simplicities” by Rev. Perkins.

Set Two (Theology Special)
Includes five books: Universalism Alive! essays and reviews by Judith Buck-Glenn, Ernest Cassara, Conrad Wright, David Harris Cole, William B. Williamson, Roger B. Bertschausen, Stanley Hauerwas, and Tom Wintle; “Beyond Spirituality” by Carl Scovel and essays by Rita Nakashima Brock, Herbert R. Davis, Anita Farber-Robertson, Frank Carpenter, Silvia Behrend, Peter Hughes, Max Stackhouse, and Joe Bassett on Karl Barth and the Transylvanian Unitarians; James Luther Adams Papers: Nineteen Essays plus more; “An Easter Faith: The Writings of Carl Scovel; and “As Others See Us: Ecumenical Perspectives on Unitarian Universalism.”

Set Three (UU Christian Journal Essays Special)
Includes six books: UU Christian Journal with essay on The Historical Jesus by John Dominic Crossan, Paul Rasor’s The Christian Challenge to Unitarian Universalism, and essays by Elizabeth Brown, Jane Thickstun, David Parke, and Marvin Shaw; UU Christian Journal with essays by David Parke, Charles Hambrick-Stowe, Peter Gomes, Bruce Stephens, Robert Price, Charles Howe, David Lehman, Roberta Finkelstein, and Carl Scovel; UU Christian Journal with essays by Eric Haugan, Ruppert Lovely, Marvin Shaw, Scott Axford, Jeremy Goring, Edward Johnson, and Wallace Robbins’ “The Humanity of Prayer” and much, more more!

Any one book out of the sets above, $5.


"Naming the Holy” Selected Writings of Rev. David B. Parke, Vol. 59, 2004 

  • $10

  • Essays and sermons and more from the Editor of the UU World and long time UU minister.


Christology in American Unitarianism” by Prescott Wintersteen

  • $5
  • Another must-have book, which traces the theme from the 19th into the 20th century. Coupled with the UU Christian Reader which covers the last half of the 20th century, you have two books exploring in depth, particularly here with the Unitarian side of the tradition.


Children’s curriculums: Faith Footsteps, Bible Stories For Primary Ages, The Life and Teachings of Jesus, How Others Worship.

  • $20 per curriculum.
  • Prepared by First Parish of Weston, MA, published by the UUCF.
  • Good for use in churches, families.


"Christian Responses to the World’s Faiths” by Harry Hoehler, Vol. 45, 1990 

  • $5
  • Issues of relativism, syncretism, universalism, particularism, pluralism. This special book published by the UUCF in 1990 from one of the ministers at First Parish, Weston MA, continues to be relevant and meaningful for our 21st century world. Recommended by Dr. Harvey Cox of Harvard Divinity School.


Christian Voices in Unitarian Universalism: Contemporary Essays

  • $14
  • This latest book published by Skinner House Books can be ordered online from our UUA bookstore or purchased through us by email (helps us out a little financially).