Members of the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship, like many Christians, and many Unitarian Universalists, hold a variety of religious and spiritual beliefs.  The largest percentage of our membership does not hold a literal interpretation of scripture; instead, believing that it is a human book written by human hands, which attempts to express the relationship between humanity and that which we call divine.

Most Unitarian Universalist Christians vary in their opinions about the relationship of Jesus to God.  Some would be comfortable stating that Jesus was the Son of God; meaning that his relationship with God, while a mystery, imbued him with a special quality of being and knowing that has not been experienced since.  Others may call Jesus what he called himself, “the Son of Man,” who came not as a Divine Being, but as a man, born in the same way that all men and women are born, to “bear witness to the Truth.”

Regardless of what an individual “believes,” what most Unitarian Universalist Christians would agree on is that learning from the example of Jesus and studying Scripture for its wisdom is at the heart of their faith.  Although that faith may be expressed in a variety of ways—through scholarly research, by devotional reading, through prayer, meditation and spiritual practices, Unitariian Universalist Christians join together in mutual celebration and confirmation of the Christian witness in larger movement of Unitarian Universalism.

Only a small percentage of Unitarian Universalists would identify their theological orientation as Christian.  However, the UUCF continues to bear witness to the living truth of ancient Scripture, of the teachings and works of Jesus, and his lasting impact upon contemporary women and men of the 21st century.

There is no catechism to memorize or creed to subscribe to in order to become a Unitarian Universalist Christian. We do, however, encourage everyone interested in Unitarian Universalist Christianity to join the UUCF and become a member of the Fellowship.  If you’re interested in finding out more about how to join click here.

UUCF History

The Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship (UUCF) was founded in Boston in 1945 and has members and small groups across the country. We are a major producer of progressive Christian events, publications, online communities, and resources. We are in relationship with the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations and we are in communication and relationship with UU Christians around the globe.

We hope this website will allow you to go deeper into the ancient, living and thriving tradition of Christianity based on freedom and not dogma. Although many discover the UUCF through a Unitarian Universalist church, some have deciced to join the UUCF even though they are not Unitarian Universalists. Still others have been interested in UUCF's historical witness and want to affirm it, without laying claim to the title of Christian for oneself. True to our tag line of "Freely Following Jesus," we trust that if you are drawn to participate in the UUCF, the Holy Spirit is leading you in the right direction!

Below are a few links to articles about our heritage:

Christian Voices in Unitarian Universalism

Dave Dawson: “I share a desire for the freedom to test the outer limits of my Christian faith. Within my church I am not told I am wrong, just looked at quizzically when I say I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ…I remain a UU Christian as a witness to those in mainline Christianity that, yes, universal salvation is alive and well, and it is a beautiful option for those people mired in shame-based churches."