One of the best interactive ways to journey with us is to sign on to one of our online email or blog communities. 


Email Lists and Listservs

We have six online groups that we manage; two are hosted at UUCF and four are hosted at UUA. Below are links to each of our listserv groups. Click on the name of the group to be directed to that groups introduction page. 

Local UUCF Hosted Groups

UUCF Groups Hosted at UUA

  • Particpate in Bible Discussions (UUCF-bible) The UUCF-Bible list will be focused on questions and responses about biblical passages, interpretations, history, theology, how it affects our personal spirituality, and how the bible intersects with culture. It will include intentional times of studying and sharing specific Bible study as well as general chat based on the Bible. This may include chat about news and issues related to the Bible, films with biblical themes, and resource sharing and book reviews for further individual and small group study.
  • Share spiritual Practices and participate in a Prayer Request Community (UUCF-prayer). This online community is open to all, whether UU or not, or Christian or Jesus-seeker or follower, or not. It is a respectful, affirming place to share personal prayer requests and prayers. Also to discuss issues and stories and different approaches to prayer--both personal and community praying--and to do the same with the many other and varied spiritual practices and disciplines in the broad free Christian tradition or from other traditions. Sharing news and book reviews and other information to help one another go deeper and wider in connecting with the Spirit. Sharing your favorite prayers of others. Sharing prayers you have written.
  • Connect with others from our annual national Revival (UUCF-revival). The UUCF-Revival list is a discussion forum for planners and attendees of the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship Revival conference.
  • Fellowship with Ministers or Seminarians (UUCF-min) , we have a Confidential Collegial Community, join us.
  • Here is a Complete List of UUA's mailing lists. Puruse and join any that interest you.


  • The UU Christian Blog - The cyberspot to interact with the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship on all things spiritual--questions, news and current events, ideas old and new, bible, prayer, theology, justice-making, and so much more.
  • Progressive Church Planting (Planting God Communities) - Blogging about the church in its organic, missional, incarnational forms and of our particular Church at A Third Place Center in Turley/North Tulsa Oklahoma, reflections on the Spirit moving in other places and peoples that we learn from too, and random personal observations and matters.
  • Philocrites - still contains archive of some of the most thought-provoking blog posts that remain timely today, from Chris Walton. 

Occupy Wall Street Blogs

Many of our UUCF bloggers have been commenting on the Occupy Wall Street movement, or the one in their hometowns; here are their sites and also other topics of interest in the past few weeks:

  • Sunflower Chalice - Homebrewing Church for The Inventive Age, Is Congregational Polity killing the Liberal Church, If You Want To Change The World Start With Breakfast by Rev. Tony Lorenzon.
  • Deep River Faith - When Scripture Gets Ugly, and more from Anna Snoeyenbos.
  • Boy in the Bands - Psalter Commons, Scottish Anglicans, Misconducting Ministers, World Communion Sunday, and More by the Rev. Scott Wells.
  • Held in the Light - Biblical Visions, Why I Am Protesting by the Rev. Peter Boullata.
  • The Journey - Gasoline on the Burning Bush, I am Troy Davis, and more from seminarian Joanna Fontaine Crawford
  • PeaceBang - Unitarian Universalist Views on Life After Death and more from The Rev. Victoria Weinstein.
  • Missional Progressives and Progressive Church Planting on the missional church by the Rev. Ron Robinson
  • Rev Thom -  The Bible and Suffering, on Death, and more by The Rev. Thom Belote.

Global Connections

Christianity is often a visible and sustaining presence among Unitarian/Universalists around the world. Please check out these websites and consider ways to support these communities, and be supported by their witness and presence. Global Christianity is a part of our movement as well. 

Links to Related Groups