Liturgies for the Christian Year

Page under construction: June 2016


How does a Unitarian Universalist Christian celebrate some of Christianity's holy days in a UU church that doesn't? How does a UU Christian honor and acknowledge such days as Lent or Easter, Advent or Pentecost if one is not connected to a congregation? Below are some sample liturgies, offered by Unitarian Universalist laity and ministers, for special services of the year. You are free to use them provided you acknowledge the source and person who submitted it.


  • UU Spirit of Christmas (131 kb .pdf) - A Christmas service.
  • Mary's Story, YouTube Video - Story and illustrations by Rachel Terrell.
  • A Journey with the Magi Through Advent 2010 (388 kb .pdf) - This Devotional journey through Advent will focus on the Magi by Jennifer Sandberg. 
  • Advent Devotional for UUCF 2009 (282 kb .pdf) - She Brought Forth Her First Born Son – An Advent Devotional by Jennifer Sandberg.
  • Advent Devotional for UUCF 2008 (139 kb .pdf) - Light of the World – An Advent Daily Devotional by Jennifer Sandberg.
  • Advent Liturgy (53 kb .pdf) by Jeanyne Slettom - This ritual involves lighting the Advent candles at home.
  • Daily Advent Model and Practices (69 kb .pdf) - Daily Advent Practices. 


  • Baptism/Renewal of Baptismal Vows (84 kb .pdf) - This is the baptism/renewal of baptismal vows service that was offered at the 2009 Revival in Tulsa, OK.


  • Christmas Eve and Communion (234 kb .pdf) - This service was created for small group worship, on Christmas Eve, with communion.
  • A Simple Communion Service For Home Or Bedside (40 kb .pdf)
  • The Order for Holy Communion (34 kb .pdf)
  • Inclusive Communion Service (640 kb .pdf) - This is the Communion Booklet used for General Assembly 2010.
  • Easter Communion Service (90 kb .pdf)
  • Eucharistic Resources for Liberal Christians (129 kb .pdf) - Readings and Service Materials. 

Lent, Easter, Holy Week 

  • Ash Wednesday (47 kb.pdf) - A simple service created for small group worship.
  • Ash Wednesday - Order of service 
  • Easter (47 kb.pdf) - A service appropriate for small group worship. (47 kb.pdf)
  • Easter 2010 (30 kb.pdf) - Who will roll away the stone? 
  • Easter 2010 - Bodily Renewal by Rev. Thom Belote 
  • Easter 2010 - Jesus and the Saving Power of Nonvoilence by Rev. Susan Maginn 
  • Easter Communion Service (90 kb .pdf)
  • Maundy Thursday or Tenebrae (117 kb.pdf) - Also known as the "Service of Shadows," the Tenebrae service involves the extinguishing of twelve candles, representing the twelve disciples who abandoned Jesus. It is one of the most dramatic liturgical events of the Christian year. Here is a second Tenebrae (63 kb.pdf) service as well.  And a third, Good Friday - Office of Tenebrae (41 kb.pdf).
  • Tenebrae Services (.pdfs): 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012


  • Thanksgiving - A meditation and prayer by Rev. George Kimmich Beach, from "For Love's Sake Alone" published by the UUCF, 1995
  • Table Graces:  Said by One and Said Together
  • "There Are Four Things To Remember About Saying Grace" From Rev. Scovel

We will be publishing other materials as they are available or submitted to us.