JOHN 1:1-5

Rev. Ron Robinson

Scripture:  John 1:1-5

Scripture:  In the beginning there was the Word, the Word was in God's presence, and the Word was God. The Word was present to God from the beginning. Through the Word all things came into being and apart from the Word nothing came into being that has come into being. In the Word was life, and that life was humanity's light---a Light that shines in the darkness, Light that the darkness has never overtaken. (The Inclusive Bible).

Reflection:   First, let us pause and rejoice that Christmas begins on Dec. 25 and does not end on that day in a flurry of activity and gift unwrapping for fifteen minutes in morning. Let us rejoice that Christmastide is continuing with us as we move with culture in celebrating the start of a new year, a new decade, and yet by continuing to focus and celebrate Christmas we stake out a claim over and against culture especially at this time of the year. Our claim is that the Light that comes into the world with and through Christ, that spirit of Jesus which lived on past the cross and the grave, that Light is not contingent upon the movement of the earth around the sun, or the solar system through the heavens. That light, which lights up our lives in the bleakest of times, breaks into our lives the way it broke into the world two thousand years ago. It disrupts. It casts all else in shadow. It drives hopelessness into the transience which it is, and brings illumination of everlastingness to all who know how to seek it. To those who seek it not in the artificial lights, and not in the light of power and status and affluence and achievement and appearance; but it comes to and through those who seek it in the out of the way, forgotten, neglected places and people, and in those parts of ourselves. The magi knew that though they looked to the heavens, that the true star of Bethlehem was found in the place where animals and the outcast gathered to find warmth and to find new life.  

Prayer: O Everlasting Spirit of Hope and Healing, of Light, and Life and Liberation, be with us in our times of not being able to see You, come to us as a small hint of light, a different shading of grayness even. For we will follow after even that small portion of You, and as we draw nearer, the light of your hope and your message to us will become brighter and clearer; O God, as we live more fully in the light of your Spirit, help us to be guided by the lights of others, help us to show your light to others. As we dedicate ourselves to change within us and among us and all around us in this new year and this new decade, let it be Your light that guides our feet and opens our hearts and transforms our minds. In Christ, Amen.

(Sunday, January 3, 2010)