Below is a sample "order of service" from the West Shore UU Church in Rocky River, OH. This group has been meeting since 2001, and since their inception have studied two cycles of the lectionary, The Parables, and most recently, "Understanding the Bible" by John Buehrens. This particular group always has some form of worship combined with study. In addition, they have sponsored several services of communion (Good Friday and Christmas Eve) and participated in the annual Tenebrae service.

Outline #1 

  • Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship
  • Call to Deeper Reflection
  • Lighting of the Chalice
    • Leader: O God of Light, Wisdom of the Most High
      Let Your Light lead us all our way
      People: Be the truth of all our thinking
      Be the joy of all our pleasure
      Be the strength of all our doing
      And the glow of all our friendship

      Leader: Give us knowledge enough to live sensibly
      Give us faith enough to live deeply
      Give us love enough to love greatly

      ALL And bring us safely through all the shadows to your lamp and your light.
  • Joys and Concerns
  • Pastoral Prayer
  • Music (a time of silent meditation/reflection)
  • Bible Reflection & Study
  • Closing Prayer
  • Benediction/Extinguishing of the Chalice

Outline #2 - Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship (at the beginning of the year)

  • Lighting the Chalice We kindle this light to join with the Great Light—the light of hope, the light of compassion, the light of peace.
  • Annual Reflection on the Group’s Purpose & Norms
    The purpose of the UU Christian Fellowship is to deepen our understanding of the Christian story as seen through the lens of Unitarian Universalism. We do this through worship, Bible Study, discussion and support of one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Group Norms include:
    • Respectful listening. No one is “right” or “wrong,” all opinions are welcomed.
    • Silence between sharing allows for those less verbal to formulate his/her thoughts, and for the Holy Spirit to be present in the spaces “in-between.”
    • Leadership for the monthly gathering is shared. In the spirit of the early Christian communities, leadership is a shared responsibility. 
    • The UUCF is more like a Connection Circle style group than a book discussion/debate group.
    • The group is open to Christians and non-Christians alike. It is clear, however, that the focus of this group is on the Christian story.
    • The direction of the group, style and format may change over time.
    • We pray for those who are sick, suffering and absent.
    • When we gather together, God’s presence is among us.
  • Joys and Concerns
  • Spoken and Silent Prayer
  • Music for Reflection
  • Scripture Reflection & Discussion (look at the lectionary reading for that upcoming Sunday.  Best resource is the Revised Common Lectionary from Vanderbilt University, found at: divinity.library.vanderbilt.edu/lectionary)
  • Closing Words (unison)
    • Love is the Spirit of this Church and service its law.
      This is our great covenant:
      To dwell together in peace,
      to seek the truth in love and to help one another.