Home & Family Worship

The UUCF is committed to serving not just individuals, and not just churches, but providing families and communities with resources that will help them live and grow in love and service. More and more, as we enter a culture when one size, one place, one program doesn't fit all, families are taking responsibility for shaping their own religious education and intergenerational spiritual activities at home. Whether they find themselves living away from access to a church of their values, or need more to supplement what they receive from their church, or are committed to exploring the growing house church movement, the UUCF seeks to help their journey.

Are you interested in finding resources to share with your family at home?  Perhaps you are attending a UU congregation who does not offer much in the form of Bible Study, small group worship for liberal Christians, or religious education materials for your children.  We are here to help you deepen in your faith as a family of liberal UU Christians. Here are a few family resources we thought might be helpful:

Available in our Bookstore is a curriculum for children:  Faith Footsteps, Bible Stories For Primary Ages, The Life and Teachings of Jesus, How Others Worship, the cost is $20 per curriculum. Prepared by First Parish of Weston, MA, published by the UUCF. Good for use in churches, families.