The best way to deepen one's spiritual life is to find a practice that is comfortable for you--one that you can commit to on a regular basis, and make it part of your life. Some individuals will do a regular Bible study or engage with the lectionary. Others find centering prayer meaningful. Still others find a Spiritual Director with whom they explore the presence of God in his or her own life. 

This section of the website is meant to provide you with resources and links. We call them "Spiritual Stepping Stones," in keeping with the belief that our spiritual life is an on-going journey composed of individual steps that lead us closer to the heart of God or the Sense of Life which "maketh all things new."

We hope that you find the following links helpful on your journey. The editors of this site will continue to add links as we receive them and at your suggestions. 

Spiritual Direction
See the UU Spiritual Directors Network as several UU Christian ministers are listed on the site as spiritual directors.

Spiritual Retreats
The Rev. Carl Scovel offers an annual spiritual retreat in Massachusetts in the Fall, most recently at Glastonbury Abbey in Hingham, MA. You may contact him through information on the UU Spiritual Directors Network.

A Guide To The Spiritual Life (taken from Rev. Scovel's retreats)

1. Daily Prayer

2. Weekly Worship

3. Monthly "covenant spiritual accountability/check-in" group

4. Annual Spiritual Retreat

5. Lifetime Pilgrimmage

Centering Prayer
Centering or contemplative prayer is growing in popularity among UUs and others. For more information on this ancient spiritual practice for our times go to Centering Prayer
Also helpful is Kyrie Center Prayer Index.

Resources For Daily Random Acts of Kindness and Beauty
Service to others is a daily mark of the ancient and new monastic. For stories on how others are living generously and "glocally" go to KindnessServant EvangelismServe OthersExtreme KindnessKivaHeifer InternationalUnitarian Universalist Service Committee.