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WELCOME to resources!

Welcome!  Let the UUCF be your first stop for helping you to broaden, deepen, and share your spiritual life.

In this section of the site, you can:

  • read and listen to sermons and podcasts from around the country on the topic of Christianity within our Unitarian Universalist theology;

  • review many publications produced by the UUCF, such as the newsletter, The Good News;
    upcoming and back issues of the UU Christian Journal; articles on liberal Christianity and Christianity within the tradition of Unitarian Universalism; order from our book store a supply of books; UUCF Revival DVD's and Cd's and browse through resource material to provide you with inspiration for the liturgical year;

  • download rites of passage and orders of services throughout the Christian Year of holy days and holidays for your meditation, small group or family worship, or for use in your church;

  • participate in an online group such as UUCF Prayer and Spiritual Practices, or the UUCF online Bible Study;
  • find links to a full spectrum of Christian spirituality and other progressive Christian groups.
  • Click here to receive a copy of the Communion Service that was offered at General Assembly 2010

Look through the various links in this section and enjoy!