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Leadership & Governance


Members of the UUCF Board of Trustees meet monthly for an hour long conversation about the future direction of the UUCF. Members also are assigned portfolios which they report on at the monthly Board meetings. We are always interested in hearing from those of you who are interested in serving the UUCF in a greater capacity. Please contact a member of the Board Exec Team, or the Nominating Committee for more information.

Board Minutes and Financial Information

To go to a page on this site that contains both board minutes and financial information, click here.

UUCF Board of Trustees

Below is a list of our current UUCF Leaders and the groups they are involved in. To email these individuals just click on their name to launch an email containing their email address. If this doesn't work for your email software, just right click on their name then left click on "Copy Shortcut". This will copy their email address and you can paste it into your Recipient email field.  We hope that you will join a UUCF Leadership team and help on events.

At Large Board Members:

  • President - Rev. Betsy Scheureman of New Jersey
  • Vice President - Mr. Gil Guerrero of Texas (Communications portfolio also)
  • Secretary - Rev. Kristen Grassel Schmidt of Massachusetts (Members and Communities portfolio also)
  • Treasurer - Ms. Danielle Marx-Cornwall of South Carolina (Financial portfolio also)
  • Past President - Mr. Dean Drake of Michigan (Financial portfolio also).  Read his farewell post.
  • Directors:
    • Rev. Tony Lorenzen of Massachusetts (Communications portfolio also)
    • Rev. Mark Caggiano of Massachusetts (Members and Communications portfolio also)
    • Kim Hampton of Missouri (Events portfolio)
    • Jennifer Sandberg of Virginia (Events portfolio)
  • Executive Director - Rev. Ron Robinson
  • Administrative Assistant - Lisa Franklin of Oklahoma

Ministry Teams


  • General Assembly Team coordinates the presence and programming of the UUCF at the annual GAs. Email Us.
  • Revival Team coordinates with local Revival host churches and ministers in planning and implementing our regular continental Revivals, as well as promoting and helping where possible in regional Revivals. Email Us.
  • Small Groups Team coordinates and helps connect and provide resources for and works to spread the number of small groups of UU Christians and other free followers of Jesus meeting in churches or other areas. Email Us.


  • Web Ministry Team works on taking our website, online groups, and blog to the next level and the level after that, helping it to provide an experience of the UUCF and to help people connect not only with our message but with one another. Email Us.

  • Good News Team assists the Editor in producing and promoting the bimonthly periodical. Email Us.
  • UU Christian Journal Team assists the Editor to both produce and promote our primary theological journal. They also work together with the Clergy/Seminarians team on the annual Bowen and Hedge scholarship essay awards competition. Email Us.

  • Messaging Team works on  producing newly-imagined content for new advertising, for new pamphlets, for the web, and other media to convey the mission, vision and values and the range of UU Christianity. Email Us.

On Resources:

  • Membership Team plans and carries out ways to grow our membership, help meet their needs, and nurture their commitment. Email Us.

  • Liturgy/Curriculum Team is charged with producing new resources of UU Christian liturgy and religious education material for all ages, for individuals and families and small groups and churches. Email Us.

  • Leadership Development Team helps to identify and nurture future leaders, providing a place and resources for their passion to spark and grow among us, and handling Nomination duties. Email Us.

  • Clergy/Seminarians/Churches coordinates efforts to building better relationships and providing resources with those seeking to be UU Christian clergy and those who are ordained and the churches they serve, with special relationship to the Council of Christian Churches within the UUA, as well as nurturing connections with non-Christian clergy in the UUA. Email Us.

  • We also have Special Project Teams from time to time such as Global Connections Team, Youth and Young Adult Team, Ecumenical Team. Please contact our Email Us.