Welcome to Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship!

Welcome to the website of the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship! We are non-creedal followers of Jesus rooted in the history and tradition of Unitarian Universalism.  All who wish to freely follow Jesus are welcome to be members of the UUCF. The UUCF especially ministers to those who feel they are too UU to be Christian and too Christian to be UU. We are a movement and organization of members who are interested in exploring liberal Christianity as we walk freely in the spirit of Jesus, growing our souls and the soul of the world.

This site enables you to connect with other UUCF groups, find books, sermons & podcasts about UU Christianity, and purchase materials through our book store, create family and small group worship opportunities, or engage in a "virtual monastery."

We hope that regardless if you are a long-time member of the UUCF, or a self-defined "seeker" that you'll be able to find an abundance of resources to deepen your relationship with God, with Jesus, with Scripture and/or with your own spiritual practice.

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Join us for 2018 Revival!

Friday, March 16 - Saturday March 17
Richmond, VA

Grab your ticket and invite your friends!
All are welcome to enjoy engaging presentations, workshops, dynamic worship services, prayer, amazing music and more.